Professional Engineers providing investigative and forensic engineering.


Northwest Investigative Engineering was founded in 2003 providing commercial and residential construction design drawings. To diversify our offerings, we searched for and discovered a niche that we were able migrate to...that of providing investigative engineering services to the property and casualty insurance industry.

In late 2005, we provided our first Engineering Report to Allstate Insurance Company reporting on a LVI (Low Velocity Impact). This was the start of over 2000 successfully completed engineering investigations to various insurance companies and claims services. We have been assigned investigation duties on many different type of losses from cause and origin (C&O) of water in a crawl space to failure analysis of a gear train on a ski lift to C&O of a fire involving an air compressor. We have also worked with various government agencies (city, county and state), assisting them in assessing liabilty in several types of losses, including loss of life.

Scope of Services

Heavy Truck Accidents
Low Velocity Impacts
Rollover and Vaulting
General Auto Accidents

Traffic Accident Losses

Moisture C&O
Fungal C&O
Wind/Hail/Lightning Damage
Construction Defects

Residential Losses

Slips and Falls
Trips and Falls
Rotating Machinery Shields
Product Failure

Workmans Comp

Fire C&O
Code Compliance
Moisture C&O
Construction Methods and Materials

Commercial Losses